MM – April 27, 2014

Kidney specialist says he hopes to see my kidneys eventually return to maybe 25 – 30% functionality, which will also hopefully keep me well away from needing dialysis. Whew!

Cancer specialist is happy with how I tolerated the first stage of chemo and is now stepping it up in Stage 2, with additional drugs and more chemo. Which I started last Friday… the blood work came back from the lab with everything showing as normal as can be expected considering all those little cancer buggers running around in there.

I had chemo again yesterday and last nights sleep was tormented… I got up after 14 hours in bed feeling exhausted. Dr wants me to go for blood work in the morning so he can see the results before my next chemo on Thurs.

Side effects so far – increase in headaches, migraines, nausea. Today’s headache was bad, now feeling a little shaky and light headed. Can’t move around too much without feeling faint. Doctor is suggesting I might need a blood transfusion.

Unfortunately, I have to find the money to buy any of the over the counter medications needed to deal with the side effects and some of the prescription drugs needed since they are not covered by the provincial drug program, including the expensive migraine medication needed to take for the almost daily headaches, which is a little difficult to manage since none of the social assistance or disability applications have come through. The wheels of government move slowly. So now on top of everything else, the landlord is threatening eviction.

Is this really happening?




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