MM – May 02, 2014

Stage 2

I am constantly thirsty. I guess that is a good thing, as I suppose it helps my kidneys to drink a lot. But most of the time my food & drink tastes stale and old, as the drugs affect my sense of taste and smell. I drink about 10 glasses of water and juice daily, often way more, but even the water tastes blah. I have found I like things that tend to have a bitter or acidic flavour such as grapefruits or orange juice poured over tons of ice!

At this time my Chemo treatment involves having blood work done every week prior to a clinic visit, taking a series of pills at home, Dexamethasone, for 4 days on and then 4 days off, that overlaps with going to the clinic and having an IV inserted temporarily so the nurse can inject, Bortezomib, twice a week, plus more pills, Cyclisphosphamid, about once a week. Because I am so susceptible to skin rashes, I also take Valacyclovir, daily.
In addition to prescriptions of Pantoprazole, Metoclopramide, Rizatriptan and over the counter meds such as, Loratadine, Ranitidine, Gravol, Imodium, plus others, to help control the nausea and other side effects. These are the things I have to pay for out of pocket.

Side effects so far – taste alteration, mild skin rash, headaches/migraines, tingling in extremities, joint & muscle aches, shaking, trouble sleeping and sleeping too much due to extreme fatigue, feelings of anxiety, light-headedness, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting.

After the past 2 days of utter exhaustion and other nasty things, the Doctor is re-evaluating my tolerance. However, I’m feeling better after treatment today…back on the big drugs for the weekend… treatment again on Monday… So frustrating to be on this medical merry-go-round!

I find lately I am reluctant to sign off with my usual ” Happy Living! ”

Messy Shepherdess


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