MM – May 15, 2014

Blood work was first thing this morning and then waiting for the lab to do their magic before I saw the specialist.
Re-evaluation is significant as I have been having so many side effects but understandable given how aggressively they were giving me the Chemo meds. The good news is all of this has made a difference and there is definitely a reduction in bad cells! Yay!

However, I am anemic and will require a blood transfusion, which will be scheduled for next week. My kidneys show signs of improvement but not enough. The Kidney specialist will be asked to arrange for an injection of a super drug, sorry I didn’t catch the name of it, to help increase hemoglobin production. It wasn’t clear if I would have to pay for this drug out of pocket or not, yet… more to come on that subject.

It’s still important that we pursue treatment as aggressively as possible, but my treatment with Bortezomib will be reduced to once a week and done by an injection into the abdomen, with Dexamethasone as 1 dose a week (instead of 4) and other meds adjusted accordingly. Hopefully, it will be enough to keep hitting all these bad buggers but allow me to feel somewhat human at the same time.

All MM cancers are not the same and present differently in different people. So the results are in from testing the cancer gene cells and shows that my MM has an abnormality that causes it to be more aggressive. In other words, it’s going to be harder control. On that note, I will need to consult with another set of specialists at Vancouver General Hospital next month, to determine if my kidneys are stable enough or not, in order to start gathering stem cells for a future transplant.

All in all though, I must say having been off the big drugs for most of this week has improved my mental state, (it’s amazing how they mess with the emotions) and I feel better about life in general.

Stage 3 – Chemo starts tomorrow, Friday.

Happy Living!

Messy Shepherdess


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