Moving again! June 06, 2014

June 06, 2014

The only advantage to the place we are living in is it’s proximity to the hospital and cancer clinic but otherwise there are so many negative things about it that it’s location is no longer enough to make it worth staying here. As a result, we and by we I mean my daughter and I, are looking to move again before my cancer treatment becomes more intense. I will still be undergoing moderate chemo where hopefully I will still have some energy to help.I have a window of about 6 weeks to find somewhere more suitable, pack, move and settle into a new place.

June 21, 2014

Yay! We found a place! Still close to the hospital and cancer clinic, in an older home with character and more room for us, our dogs and for long distance visitors. With a landlord who seems to empathize with our situation. What a relief!

Now to organize the physical part of the move and availability dates. We don`t have much, but we can`t handle the couch and beds on our own so could use some help from someone with a truck to handle that. Hopefully it can all be finished this weekend coming up, 28 & 29, mainly because I don`t want to be stuck paying additional rent on the old place by staying past the 1st.

moving day

Happy Living!
Messy Shepherdess


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