MM – July 15, 2014 & Financial Appeal

Well, this part of the waiting is over, as I have the schedule now, covering appointments for the next 6 weeks. Every day for the next 2 weeks I have back to back appointments for tests and meds in preparation for the Stem Cell Transplant. Not to overlook the fact that I still have little to no money so am struggling with limited government funding bureaucracy and day to day life things like the rent, house work, banking, credit card debt, groceries, etc. I am required to have home support during this procedure but am expected to pay for it out of pocket. Plus I am expected to pay costs for some of the meds. None of which is possible.

Tests include things like 24 hour urine collection, more blood work, (so far this month I have given up more than 20 vials of blood), Chest X-ray, ECG, MUGGA Scan of my heart, Lung function test, dental consultation, Pamidronate infusion (every month x 2 years), more blood work, meet the Cell separator doctor, get G-CSF (Nueprogen) injection script, prep Chemotherapy, start chemo tablets, start G-CSF injections (which means going to the hospital every day for 7 days), start more tablets for 7 days, more blood work, 2 full days of being hooked up to 2 IV lines for stem cell collection, pre-Hickman Line insertion blood work, Hickman Line catheter insertion, 8 hour Chemotherapy treatment, and then the Stem cell transplant.Hickman Line Catheter

In between all of this I have doctors appointments, kidney specialists and counseling, too. Some days I have as many as 5 appointments or they are 8 hours long and require I arrange for someone to drive me as I will not be capable of driving myself or taking public transit. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

The Oncologist scheduled me for 2 more chemo treatments before the required 14 day break necessary prior to Stem Cell collection on Aug 6 & 7. After which I will be having a heavy dose of Chemo that will wipe out my entire system, leaving me very sick and vulnerable to infection. Then they will ‘rescue me’ by giving the stem cells collected back to me, which will take about 6 months for my system to recover so long as all goes well and I don’t contract some additional illnesses or suffer more kidney damage/failure. stressing my system even more.

With the upcoming treatment and recovery time, the doctors say it puts me to next spring at the earliest before I can get back to working a wage earning job outside of the home. I am eligible to earn some money from home while on government assistance but so far I have not had any viable opportunities for real paid work come my way, that is not too physically or mentally demanding or time sensitive.

Meanwhile, I’ve pursed every opportunity suggested, filled out multiple financial assistance applications/forms but the on going stress of having no money and talking to collection agencies because I have no savings left and can’t work and there’s not enough government support to satisfy all the financial demands is depressing to say the least. I’m so tired. I just don’t know what else to do. I’m rather stuck, as I have always been able to rely on my self sufficiency to get by but these circumstances have limited my abilities, so I am now in a position where I have no choice but to humbly appeal to the good nature of others for help. I have a Pay Pal account or can accept Interact E Transfers, if you feel you can help me with either money to meet the immediate needs or potential work for during my recovery time, my email is It’s an understatement to say any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Happy Living!

Messy Shepherdess

MM – July 06, 2014

Waiting, waiting, waiting, …. to hear from the Bone Marrow Specialist and find out what the plan is for the stem cell collection and transplant. In some ways I am impatient to get making the arrangements necessary for this transplant to happen, because it may mean the cancer will go into recession and I can get back to a normal life sooner, but at the same time I am not looking forward to it. Been reading the binder they sent me full of information on the BMT process and the idea of having a catheter (Hickman Line Catheter) installed into my heart does not sound like a fun time to me and apparently it has to stay in for a while afterwards. Gives me the creeps and my mind is just repelled by the concept.

Meanwhile, I think I over did it with the house move on the weekend, as I was really sick again after the chemo treatment on Monday last week. Nauseous, diarrhea, vomiting, tingling and swelling in my feet, aching in the calves of both legs, headache. Didn’t feel like getting out of bed for 3 days and then took it real easy on day 4, just trying to eat something good so I could regain some energy. Feel Ok today but go back for my last treatment of this round tomorrow.

Am enjoying our new place, even though I haven’t been able to unpack everything due to being sick but just the same it feels better, a calmer place to be in. Cleaning and unpacking will happen given time, I’m sure. Can’t thank the folks that helped with moving day enough, sure was great to have some help!

Happy Living!

Messy Shepherdess