Multiple Myeloma is back

Hi Everyone,

As my followers know, I have cancer, Multiple Myeloma.

I have 2 young adult daughters and a young grandson. I am only 56 years of age. I have been an organic landscaper and farmer for most of my life. I have raised my family on Salt Spring Island, BC for 20 years and recently moved to Surrey in close proximity to the Fraser Valley Cancer Clinic.

Cali & I

Cali & I

The doctors have done everything they can and I had a brief remission. But it’s back now and growing fast. The doctors can’t offer me anything else. At the rate it is growing I have about 6 months. I am already feeling the effects of the cancer and will soon be incapacitated. The only recourse I have been able to find that offers any hope is to attend the Budwig Cancer Center in Spain and hope they can slow or stop the progress. They have had a 49% success rate with my type of cancer.

I have no money left, as a result, I have started a GO FUND ME campaign

The $20,000 will cover air fare for myself with one daughter and two weeks at the center, where I will be given treatment and learn how to continue that treatment at home.

There is no time to waste, so I am urgently appealing to you to help fund my trip to Spain and the Budwig Cancer Center.

Even if I don`t reach my goal, any funds I receive will be used towards treatment of my cancer or to help alleviate the expense of burial for my daughters.

me n flare

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any and all help will be so very much appreciated.

The Messy Shepherdess

Cynthia Tupholme