Please help me get to The Budwig Cancer Center, Spain!

I am so Thankful for any help towards my trip to Spain.

I have exhausted ALL options for cancer treatment offered by our Cancer practitioners here in BC, including Stem Cell Transplant and the strongest available Chemotherapy. I have worked with the head of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Dr. Nantel, of Vancouver General Hosp. My Oncologist, Dr. Shustik, of the Fraser Valley Cancer clinic, can offer me no further treatment that could give any chance of success.

2014-08-06 ~ Stem Cell Collection - Cynthia Tupholme

2014-08-06 ~ Stem Cell Collection – Cynthia Tupholme

The Budwig Cancer Center has had success with my type of cancer. It is not new or unproven, Dr. Budwig started her work in the 1950’s, was nominated for the Nobel prize for her work and has thousands of success stories.
I am fighting for my life. Please help me!

Cynthia Tupholme, 56 yrs

Cynthia Tupholme, 56 yrs

The Messy Shepherdess

Cynthia Tupholme