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Originally, I thought to start this blog because I’ve had a lot of folks ask me to post some interesting organic garden related information. I have many years (30+) of organic gardening experience and over that time have experimented with many techniques, styles and types of gardens, from small container gardens on balconies and decks to managing a 100 acre mixed farm.

However, life brings many changes and besides an insatiable passion for gardening and growing organic food, I have a lot of other interests from a full life of raising a family, farming with small livestock, the love of dogs and all the joy they bring to a home, homemade crafts and the pursuit of self sustainability, creating fine art from graphite pencil drawings to painting wall murals, good down to earth home cooking and preserving food, many years of community volunteer work, mostly with children, whom I have had the privileged to see grow up and be amazing adults, the rewards of being a young grandmother and more recently a new phase to my life, which involves an ongoing battle with cancer. Specifically, Multiple Myeloma, that to date, is an incurable blood cancer that the doctors hope to control and keep at bay for my foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, due to the side effects of cancer treatment, I will not be able to physically get out in the garden and do all the things I was used to doing for quite some time and so I thought when I have time on my hands in between treatments, that I would use this blog as an opportunity to recount some of my many interests. So, yes, I will post lots of gardening guru info, but please join me on the rest of my meanderings, as I recap things I have accomplished in my life and share the new things I get to explore and experience as I go along from here. It may not be possible for my posts to be consistent and they will likely get messy, but that’s life and let’s face it, there’s so much more living to do!

Happy Living!
Messy Shepherdess


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